The Interior Design of a Studio Apartment

What is a studio apartment? A studio (a studio flat or studio apartment) consists of one large multipurpose room and a bathroom (with a toilet). Hence, a kitchenette, lounge, bed spot – all is integrated into the single space of one room. The average square footage of a studio approximately varies from 17 to 45 […]

How to Clear and Compost Leaves

How to Clear and Compost Leaves correctly? You must rake fallen leaves in the autumn together and remove to avert the grass-plot from looking careless. You can simply work fallen leaves into useful humus. Materials You Need: rake with a plastic head shovels rotary mower (optionally) refuse sacks watering can or garden hosepipe a fork […]

How to Cut Meadow Grass

How to cut meadow grass correctly Study how to correctly cut the grass with the step-wise landscaping promptings. Grasslands can render an impressive view of seed heads and wild flowers during the whole summer, but they also need an yearly cutting for the continuing it year after year. Select a dry day practically to the […]

The Empire Style Interior Design

The Emergence of the French Empire Style Historically speaking, the Empire style belongs to the Napoleonic era since it emerged and was most flourishing in any application (painting, architecture, the interior and furniture design, clothing, etc.) in the years of Napoleon’s reign as the first French emperor (1804-1815). Moreover, the Empire style soon became popular […]

How to Landscape With Colorful Wildflowers

How to landscape with colorful wildflowers correctly Embellish your grass-plot or garden with lively meadow flowers to obtain a beautifully casual, spontaneous sensation in your out-of-door area. The multi-colored palette of wild flowers varies from flame-colored to lively amaranth and gives a glare color performance from late spring to the end of summer. The first […]

How to Build a Rooftop Garden Correctly

How to Build a Rooftop Garden correctly and beautiful? Place your plants to higher surface with this easy instruction for self-made building a rooftop garden. Rooftop garden are at the height of popularity for many reasons: they can be placed in each atomic garden; they paint hollow, boring and unusable surfaces out of doors; they isolate […]